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A Comic Con without comic books is not much to have we think! That is why we welcome lots of outstanding cartoonists each year with experience from DC Comics, Marvel, Valiant, Dark Horse and more. Meet them in Comic Village powered by Seriemagasinet, check out their live drawings or cheer on a winner when we arrange epic drawing battles!

Also, don’t miss book signings with famous authors in the area Board Gaming Zone powered by Science Fiction Bokhandeln and Asmodee.

comic village

- powered by seriemagasinet

At Comic Village powered by Seriemagasinet you can meet popular Comic Artists from Marvel and DC Comics on home turf, have nice conversations, get tips and signed books. The top publishers are on site, and if you want, there is really an opportunity to get really nerdy with our experts on site.

Our invited Comic Artists also take part in interviews, panels and live drawings on our stages – don’t miss it! You can find this year’s Comic Artists below.

Board gaming zone

- powered by Science Fiction Bokhandeln and asmodee

sf + asmodee

In Science Fiction Bokhandelns stand in the Board Gaming Zone you will find the best in science fiction, fantasy, manga, horror and comics. They also carry a carefully selected assortment of games. In addition to this, they also offer lots of other exciting activities such as book signings. In the Board Gaming Zone, Asmodee also comes with a selection of the best games for you to try, from novelties to proven classics for all ages.

this year's comic artists

in comic village powered by seriemagasinet

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