Cosplay (Costume Play) means imitating different characters from film, television and games etc. At Comic Con, it’s definitely one of the funniest features. Many of our visitors come in cosplay and to just watch all the imaginative creations is worth a visit in itself!

At Comic Con Stockholm we offer something for all cosplayers – question panels for the curious, workshops for the beginner and competitions for the pros. You will also be able to visit our Cosplay Alley where you can meet famous international cosplayers.

cosplay activities at comic con


Heroes Comic Con Stockholm is proud to present the Swedish qualifier for the World Cosplay Summit, the world’s largest cosplay competition! The competition has been held in Nagoya since 2003 and has steadily grown with more participating countries. In 2022, 27 countries from all corners of the world participated!

The format of the competition will be a performance competition for couples, the same format as the final competition in Nagoya. The winners of the qualifier will be rewarded with a trip to Nagoya where they will have accommodation and food paid for (value approx. SEK 25,000!), and will be allowed to compete against the winning teams of all other countries. We hope you are as excited as we are to show off what Sweden stands for in the world’s biggest cosplay event!

The last day to register for the WCS qualifier is October 19.



In collaboration with NärCon, we arrange a qualifying competiton for Cosplay-SM on Friday November 3 at Comic Con Stockholm. The qualification consists of two categories: craftsmanship and performance. It is possible to participate and win in one or both categories. The judges select one of the competitors as a finalist for the final 2023 based on equal parts on craftsmanship and appearance. Those who participate in both categories thus have a greater chance of being selected.

To participate in the SC qualification, you need to register by October 19 at the latest.

NEWS! meet famous cosplayers in cosplay alley

At Comic Con Stockholm Summer + Made in Asia 2024 you will be able to meet famous international cosplayers in our brand new area Cosplay Alley. You will have the opportunity to take a photo together with our guests and get an autograph, completely free of charge! Our guests will also participate in interviews, workshops and other fun activities. Don’t miss this!

Our guests will be presented here shortly – stay tuned!

qualifier FOR International Cosplay League (Solo & Duo)

Heroes Comic Con Stockholm Summer + Made in Asia are proud to present the brand new Swedish qualifier for the International Cosplay League! The competition has been held in Spain since 2017 and has steadily grown with more participating countries. In 2023, 33 participants took part and now Sweden is finally participating!

The competition consists of two different formats and qualifiers:
ICL Solo: Solo Competition in craftsmanship.
ICL Duo: Couple competition in craftsmanship and performance.

The last day for registration is April 14.


Saturday May 4 it’s time for our popular cosplay show Heroes Walk On. Here you can show off your cosplay outfit on stage with no competition, or just sit back and enjoy all the amazing creations. Since this is not a competition, it’s okay to have self-created characters, purchased cosplays and own versions of existing characters. It is also fine to go together in a group or to go up on stage individually

How do I register?
We gather 60 minutes before the show at the Heroes Main Stage. There you will get a briefing on how the show will go, tell us about which character and from which work you are cosplaying, and then you will get your number in the order of turn.

Day and time: Saturday Nov 4, 17:30–19:00
Location: Heroes Main Stage
Gathering before the show: Heroes Main Stage, 16:30
Contact person: Sam Anlér (email:



In collaboration with Swedish Garrison, there will be a cosplay parade no less than twice a day! Anyone in cosplay is welcome to attend. You gather in the entrance hall well in advance of the start. The parade then goes through the entire hall.

The cosplay parades will depart at these times:
Friday: 3 pm and 5 pm
Saturday: 1 pm and 3.15 pm
Sunday: 12.30 pm and 3 pm



Here you can take part in a selection of all the fantastic cosplay at Comic Con over the years.


Not at all! We encourage our visitors to cosplay, with or without the competition.

Your weapon must be allowed according to the Swedish Arms Act, and the law on knives and other objects.

Among other things, the Weapons Act states what is said if firearms also apply to useless weapons that in usable condition would be counted as firearms.

Here you can read the police rules regarding air guns such as soft airguns. It is not allowed to carry soft airgun at Comic Con.

Among other things, the law on knives and other objects states that it is forbidden to have knives, knitting weapons, cutting weapons and other dangerous objects in public places. Examples of knives that are not allowed may be swords, karate sticks or sabers. It is also prohibited with nails, sharp edges or the like on your cosplay.

Approved props

If your weapon does not resemble anything that could be dangerous to others (such as a copy made in papier maché or), you need not worry about breaking any of our rules.

Objects intended as toys for children up to 14 years (eg one-ton plastic water gun) are approved.

Objects that cannot be mistaken for a real weapon (such as a Star Wars lightsaber or a Star Trek phaser) are also approved in the Exhibition Hall.

Weapons on stage and under photo

It is forbidden to have an extended sword / knife replica in the exhibition hall. During photos or on stage it is permissible to pose with a weapon that is allowed under Swedish law but which should not be drawn in the exhibition hall.

The organizer has the right to check your weapon / replica at any time to ensure that it complies with all the rules above.


Most are happy to be in the picture, but ask before and be respectful!

Yes, there is a dedicated cosplay room for those who cosplay. Please note, however, that space is limited and we are not responsible for any property. If you want your belongings to be guarded, you have to hang your things in the wardrobe.

Yes, there is a dedicated cosplay room where you can change. There will be high pressure in this room and we recommend that you change as much as possible.


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