Do you love gaming? We love it too! At Comic Con you can try upcoming games or check out cool and innovative indie games. If you have questions, there are people from the gaming industry at the event to answer them. There will also be inspiring lectures and lots of games talk. Did we mention that there will be lots of fun competitions as well?

Gaming with inferno online

Inferno Online is the company that disproves the saying ‘Away is good but home is best’. Now they are also setting up their gaming arena at Comic Con, where you can test world-class gaming for free! You will be able to try CS:GO, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Apex Legends, Rocket league and more. In the Inferno Online Gaming Arena, you will also be able to compete in their tournaments in various games, where you have the chance to win both gear and glory. On site, streamers such as Matilda Smedius and the voice actor for Brigitte from the Overwatch games will also play directly from their booth.

Meet nintendo at comic con

Nintendo is coming to Comic Con Stockholm and bringing some of the year’s most exciting games to the Nintendo Switch! Swing, kick and smash your way to victory in Nintendo Switch Sports, see who’s the fastest on some of the new tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or take the fight to the field where everything is allowed in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football! Splatoon 3 – the year’s most colorful game release will also be there! Take the chance to play with and against other visitors in insanely fun Turf War matches that pit two teams against each other where you have to mess up as much as possible on the pitch to win.

listen to gaming podcasts live

Do you love games? And do you love podcasts? Then you have to attend when P3 Spel and Speljuntan do a live podcast in front of an audience at Comic Con on the stage Heroes Academy. You can listen to P3 Spel on Friday 4 November 13.15-14.00. Speljuntan do their live podcast on Sunday 6 November 14.30-16.30.

Meet the voice actors from overwatch

Come meet voice actors Carolina Ravassa and Lucie Pohl from Blizzard Entertainment’s games Overwatch 1 and 2 all weekend November 4-6. Carolina Ravassa voices Sombra and Lucie Pohl voices Mercy. During the weekend you will be able to listen to question panels with both of them on the Heroes Stage – see the stage program here. In the Special Guest Area you will be able to take a picture with them or get an autograph. Read more about photo and autograph tickets here.

How to start streamng with ellen b. åkesson

Ellen B. Åkesson is known from Twitch where she has over 100 000 followers and also tiktok where she has 600 000 followers. On the Heroes Talk stage, she will talk about how she got started with streaming and also give you some tips on how you can get started on your own. On Friday 4 November 16.00-16.30 you will be able to listen to Ellen at Heroes Talk and 12.45-13.00 in our Heroes Studio which broadcasts live from Comic Con on our Youtube.
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