Artist alley


Time will go by quickly while you stroll around, check out, mingle and shop in the creative area Artist Alley. In Artist Alley you will find independent artists in different areas. It is one of the most popular areas at Comic Con and a must visit for every curious visitor. Meet cartoonists, illustrators, writers and other creators who exhibit and sell their works. You can find unique items, for yourself or maybe a nice gift for someone you like.
artist alley



Potions by Lilim

In games you use healing or mana potions & more to get a boost. What if those potions were real? They are at my booth! I sell lots of different kinds of potions that are for gamers & fantasy lovers. Magic in a bottle just for you to take home.


I create fluffy cute little creatures, everything from handmade crafts to art and self-designed asseccories. Much of what I produce are made for the convention I exhibit at and cannot be found at other conventions I sell at or webbshops. This means that all my items have a limited stock and once they sell out they are gone!

Art of Sebastian Zunko

Swedish multiartist that has been creative for a long time. I get inspired from other peoples work, all from different sources. I work with different techniques and there is often a dark theme that’s recurring in my artwork.

Art of Enrique Perez

Hola! I’m a Spanish Game Artist and Software Engineer. I was self-taught in comic art and moved up to Digital Art. I have a passion for Movies, Comics, Games and Animation; so you can expect all of these to be a great influence in my works.



To become an exhibitor at Artist Alley you will need to buy an Artist Alley ticket. The ticket includes entry for ONE person all days and a guaranteed seat in our Artist Alley with a table and a chair. The ticket is valid for one person, so you can not sit more than one seller at the table. Please note that we only sell a limited number of tickets.
If you are an artist who creates within the realm of Comic Con theme you are welcome to book a table in our Artist Alley area. We have a great variation of different types of creators in our Artist Alley, like Comic Artists, illustrators, jewellery craftsman, authors and so much more. Of course the ojects you want to exhibit in Artist Alley, have to be legal and your business have to follow the Swedish law. If you would like to sell something within adult character, weapons or food we have special restrictions. In that case we reccomend you  to contact us.
The ticket includes entry for one peron througout the event, a table and a chair in the Artist Alley area. The ticket is valid for one person, so you can not sit more than one seller at the table. You will also be presented on Comic Con Stockholms Website.
No, you will get a table and a chair  onsite
No, the ticket is only valid for one person selling. If someone needs an extra person to help at their table, that person must buy an entry ticket and bring their own extra chair.
You get to choose your own table onsite. The tables are not numbered, first come, first served


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