Artist alley


Time will go by quickly while you stroll around, check out, mingle and shop in the creative area Artist Alley. In Artist Alley you will find independent artists in different areas. It is one of the most popular areas at Comic Con and a must visit for every curious visitor. Meet cartoonists, illustrators, writers and other creators who exhibit and sell their works. You can find unique items, for yourself or maybe a nice gift for someone you like.
artist alley


Potions by Lilim

In games you use healing or mana potions & more to get a boost. What if those potions were real? They are at my booth! I sell lots of different kinds of potions that are for gamers & fantasy lovers. Magic in a bottle just for you to take home.


I create fluffy cute little creatures, everything from handmade crafts to art and self-designed asseccories. Much of what I produce are made for the convention I exhibit at and cannot be found at other conventions I sell at or webbshops. This means that all my items have a limited stock and once they sell out they are gone!

Art of Sebastian Zunko

Swedish multiartist that has been creative for a long time. I get inspired from other peoples work, all from different sources. I work with different techniques and there is often a dark theme that’s recurring in my artwork.

Art of Enrique Perez

Hola! I’m a Spanish Game Artist and Software Engineer. I was self-taught in comic art and moved up to Digital Art. I have a passion for Movies, Comics, Games and Animation; so you can expect all of these to be a great influence in my works.


My name is Medina and I am a Swedish / Yugoslav (self-taught) digital illustrator. My focus is very much on women. My sources of inspiration include mythologies, history, nature and emotions. In my art you can find disappointment, loneliness, pain, beauty, sadness, fear, calm and mystery. In addition to my own creations, I also create some fan art and stickers.

Fantasy books by Mattias Kuldkepp

Humorous and epic fantasy book author Mattias Kuldkepp loves Comic Con. Third time running he is coming to Stockholm to sign books in his highly appraised swedish fantasy series “Sönderfallets symfoni” and “Den ofrivillige hjältens handbok” and chat about his works and the awaited trilogy finale “Skärvor av en brusten framtid”.


My name is Isabelle Forslund and I´m an animation student full time. I create digital art, preferably in Procreate, and I´ll be selling stickers, posters, buttons and more at Artist Alley 2022. Hope to see you there! Xx


I am a hobby artist who mainly works in traditional media. I illustrate both my own works and fan art from various series, games and books.

Lanthir art

My name is Lovisa. I am a hobby artist who this year is exhibiting in Artist alley for the first time. I work mainly with digital art and illustrate characters from above all Critical Role, but also take inspiration from series, movies and games.

Art of Sam Carr

My name is Sam, I’m a British illustrator who likes to paint fantasy art with a sense of solitude and mystery to it. My main inspirations are nature, ancient history and mythology. My favourite games are Legend of Zelda and the Shadow of the Colossus, and I want to make work that captures that same spirit.

BabyPanda Faceart: Face Painting & Glitter Glam

Professional face painting for kids & adults. Quick face paintings of characters from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Disney etc. For adults – It, Joker, Darth Maul, Viking, Venom & many more. Quick and festive embellishments with glitter & handmade diamonds.

Genetically Manipulated Space Chickens

The story of four brave chickens and their tireless fight against all the evils of space! GMSC is written and drawn by the Malmö-based series creator Robin Ragnarsson. The series is in English and each issue consists of a completed adventure, fully in color.

Christoffer Svanströmer

A pseudo-professional illustrator and cartoonist from Småland. With a background as a satirist, I now devote my time to drawing things that are closest to my heart, quirks related to modern geek culture!

Södralatin Konstelever

We are a couple of friends and art students who have come together in a collaboration to exhibit at Comic Con. We will sell stickers, prints, comics, and much more. Partially fan art but also entirely our own work!

Goblinbrain Dice

Goblinbrain Dice will be supplying ComicCon with handmade dice in all colours of the rainbow! Full 7-piece sets, larger 20ies, a mini dice spinner and a whole bunch of loose dice of all shapes. Check out @goblinbrain.dicemakers on instagram for peeks!


Hi there! My name’s Felix or better known as “wuutt” online. I’m a hobby artist that specializes in fanart with occasional originals here and there. I’m self taught and a big fan of a variety of games, anime and cosplay! Hope to meet you there!

De fallna – Roman i vikingatida fantasyvärld

”De fallna”, by Mattias Peterberg, takes place in a Viking Age fantasy world with deep roots in Nordic folklore and mythology. A world full of evil, sorcery and dangerous creatures. The book is nominated for this year’s fantasy novel by Fantasykammaren.

Daniel Velu

My name is Daniel Velu and I work as a Game Artist during the day. But in my own time I like to work on my world building project which I currently call Eldenheart where I create illustrations in connection with that world growing and becoming more detailed. So most of what I create are small glimpses into that world and where it is going.

creative shenanigans

I will bring lots of jewelry in all shapes, pins, key rings and more, in geeky themes. Will have good fair prices, so take the opportunity to find a bargain!

Kimmysparks and Yozofine

We are two digital artists, one from the UK and one from Sweden. We have a passion for games and fan art. We will sell art prints, stickers, and much more. Hope to see you at Artist Alley 2022!



To become an exhibitor at Artist Alley you will need an Artist Alley ticket. The cost for a ticket is 2000 SEK. The ticket includes entry to the event for one person- throughout the event.  As an exhibitor in Artist Alley you will also be guarenteed a spot with a table (1,1 x 0,6m) and a chair. Observe that the tickets are limited!
If you are an artist who creates within the realm of Comic Con theme you are welcome to book a table in our Artist Alley area. We have a great variation of different types of creators in our Artist Alley, like Comic Artists, illustrators, jewellery craftsman, authors and so much more. Of course the ojects you want to exhibit in Artist Alley, have to be legal and your business have to follow the Swedish law. If you would like to sell something within adult character, weapons or food we have special restrictions. In that case we reccomend you  to contact us.
The ticket includes entry for one peron througout the event, a table (1,1 x 0,6 m) and a chair in the Artist Alley area. You will also be presented on Comic Con Stockholms Website.
No, you will get a table onsite that is 1,1 x 0,6 m
Yes, that is ok. But your friend will need a separate entry tickets, and bring their own extra chair.
You get to choose your own table onsite. The tables are not numbered, first come, first served


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