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Time will go by quickly while you stroll around, check out, mingle and shop in the creative area Artist Alley. In Artist Alley you will find independent artists in different areas. It is one of the most popular areas at Comic Con and a must visit for every curious visitor. Meet cartoonists, illustrators, writers and other creators who exhibit and sell their works. You can find unique items, for yourself or maybe a nice gift for someone you like.

srtist alley


BABYPANDA Face Painting & Airbrush Tattoo

I'm a Swedish Face painting & Airbrush tattoo artist. Quick & professional paintings for both kids and adults: your favorite Marvel & DC characters, Star Wars, Disney, Anime, fairies & butterflies. Glitter & handmade blings. Art on the spot!

André Lundman

I am an illustrator and board game designer as well as a wannabe Concept Artist. With me you will be able to buy prints and merchandise with inspiration mainly from fantasy and sci-fi. You will also be able to check out one of my board games I have designed

Anna Maia Inspired by Japan Created in Norrland

With inspiration from Japanese culture, I create Kawaii cat prints and cute little wooden dolls. I find references and influences in Japanese nature painting, kimono patterns and folk crafts.


I'm going to exhibit some of my awesome imperfect work from my childhood until adulthood like, Cartoons, Anime/Manga and fuse them with my hobbies. You may find awesome stickers, posters,t-shirts, notebooks or art prints. Remember! To never give up on your dream.

Lovisa Walchshofer

Hello there traveler! I'm a fantasy artist and illustrator from the woods working both traditionally and digitally, and with a passion for games, nature and all things magical. Swing by my booth to find prints, originals and creatures aplenty.


Lustanjo is gonna bring all her silly animal merch and all the meme cats! New stickers, washi tape and so much more!


Home to tiny creatures of a slightly cursed nature. I sell handmade figurines, prints of my art and patches designed with makers in mind. And about the cursed thing…. I’ll guess you’ll have to see for yourself (wink)

Maja Winnicka

Maja Winnicka, a Polish artist, once pursued fleeting trends but was grounded by nature's touch. Her art, inspired by the woods and wildlife, captures the imperfect beauty of the natural world, urging a return to authenticity over modern societal standards.

Bei Studios

With a love for cats and flowers, Bei Studios create cute and colorful art. Swing by her booth to purchase stickers, keychains, washi tape and much more!


Ocarinas clay flutes from own workshop, various shapes various tunings and colours.


Do you want nice prints or cute stickers? I'm selling it as well as hand crocheted ear muffs and star and sun themed ceramic jewelry holders! I LOVE games, anime, nature motifs and cute clowns. You can find all that at my booth 🙂

Bitter not sweet

Bitter not sweet (Hannes Enocksson) is a young queer artist. At his table you can find hbtq+pins, prints, stickers and original works, such as rainbow knots and old paintings with new geeky motifs painted in!


There can never be enough cute bird stuff in the world." Said Julian, and so he cast "create more cute bird stuff". Stop by to grab some stickers, prints, keychains, and more featuring cute birbs!!!

Norrskensdotter Jewelry

Norrskensdotter is a small company that lets itself be inspired by the captivating world of games, movies, manga and anime. We combine glass and silver to create unique and enchanting jewelry that shows love for these cultural realms.


I design BTS inspired enamel pins and other little things. Put your enamel pins on bags and clothes and give your clothes an extra detail or make nice paintings with your collection. Find pins that immortalize your favorite.


GUGUSU is an artist passionate about fan art and original creations, including Spider-Man universe, Disco Elysium, Jujutsu Kaisen, stc. In forms of prints, stickers, and keychains. Let's spin together in the disco until dawn! (Written not by chatgpt I'm just bad)


Here at Creative_shenanigans you will find goth, alternative and nerdy jewellery and accessories such as necklaces and earrings. You will also find pins, keychains, stickers and more! We can also make you something custom

Potions by Lilim

I sell decorative and interactive potions that you will recognise from Harry Potter, the gaming world and more. A wonderful and unique way to decorate your nerd home. Shake the potion and you’ll see it sparkle, shimmer AND change colours. Magic!

A Curious Encounter

Born in 1990, Örebro, Vladimir embarked on his artistic journey at a young age. After Tumba Gymnasium Art and Animation, he combines various styles with Pokémon-inspired concepts. He showcased his work at Ateljé 89 & Charity Art Expo 2023 / 24.


Sourfriends is a small online shop dedicated to sell products featuring our mascots! Velviet, Myffine, Cotton, Slushie and Puka! Each character has a great personality and story that will make you cherish them. We sell accessories such as stickers, buttons, keychains, lanyards, plushies, acrylic stands, earrings and badges.


KOWBOJKI is a Polish/Danish artist who loves all things colourful and pastel! She loves sharing her passions through her art and interacting with fellow fans at conventions. At her booth you will find a wide selection of stickers, original prints, keychains, washi tapes and more!


Hi there! I'm Kitzat, a Danish artist who is looking forward to their second Stockholm Comic Con Event! I love drawing inspiration from my own childhood nostalgia, which you will be able to tell from my booth, and I love drawing silly animals as well! So if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, make sure to come on by and find me in the Artist Alley!


My name is Polina aka Darrana. I'm a self-taught character artist and illustrator. On my stand, you will find posters, stickers, and other merch with my art. Come by, take a free sticker, and say hi!

Af Risling - unique jewelery just for you

Elf ears, tiaras and other fantasy-inspired jewelry. Earrings, cufflinks, key rings and more with versatile dice. Earrings with swords and daggers, dragons, snakes and other fun. In addition, a lot of other silver jewelry, including chains.

Molly Ericson

Rabbit Heart, a story about friendship. The dream of royal halls and poetry drives Kiri to leave her simple life. He bargains with a mysterious - and dangerous - power. To save him, best friend Elvira is thrown into an adventure she never asked for.

To become an exhibitor at Artist Alley you will need to buy an Artist Alley ticket. The ticket includes entry for ONE person all days and a guaranteed seat in our Artist Alley with a table and a chair. The ticket is valid for one person, so you can not sit more than one seller at the table. Please note that we only sell a limited number of tickets.

If you are an artist who creates within the realm of Comic Con theme you are welcome to book a table in our Artist Alley area. We have a great variation of different types of creators in our Artist Alley, like Comic Artists, illustrators, jewellery craftsman, authors and so much more.

Of course the objects you want to exhibit in Artist Alley, have to be legal and your business have to follow the Swedish law. If you would like to sell something within adult character, weapons or food we have special restrictions. In that case we reccomend you  to contact us.

The ticket includes entry for one peron througout the event, a table (120×50) and a chair in the Artist Alley area. The ticket is valid for one person, so you can not sit more than one seller at the table.

You will also be presented on Comic Con Stockholms Website.

No, you will get a table and a chair onsite

No, the ticket is only valid for one person selling.

You get to choose your own table onsite. The tables are not numbered, first come, first served

Yes, you must be over 18 to exhibit in Artist Alley.


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