Artist alley


Time will go by quickly while you stroll around, check out, mingle and shop in the creative area Artist Alley. In Artist Alley you will find independent artists in different areas. It is one of the most popular areas at Comic Con and a must visit for every curious visitor. Meet cartoonists, illustrators, writers and other creators who exhibit and sell their works. You can find unique items, for yourself or maybe a nice gift for someone you like.

Cheeky Fellas

Hop into happiness with our frog figurines! Cheeky Fellas is back this year & is now coming to comic con again! Our handmade figurines are unique and made with love. Get yourself a Cheeky Fella!


Hi! I'm Kururu4ever, a self-taught artist with a passion for anime and manga! At my table you will find posters, keychains and stickers among other fun things. See you there!

Mintandapple: Wear what makes you happy!

Mintandapple is a tiny two-person art studio that makes cute, cozy, and creative apparel and accessories! We love designing everything from cardigans, bags, hats, pins, and more. Come drop by for adorable art and a pleasant shopping experience 🙂

Nordisk fantasy

Can't stop writing stories from long ago with deep forests, secrets, magic and bears. So far an Old Norse trilogy for adults and the first two parts (of five) in a medieval children's book series with a fairytale feel.

The Bad Series

Dive into the thrilling world of Jerry F. Westinger's fantasy mysteries, and follow the unlikely friends Thessa and Corlis as they solve case after case of strange murders, uncovering ever deeper layers of corruption in New Montres.

BABYPANDA Face Painting & Airbrush Tattoo

I'm a Swedish Face painting & Airbrush tattoo artist. Quick & professional paintings for both kids and adults: your favorite Marvel & DC characters, Star Wars, Disney, Anime, fairies & butterflies. Glitter & handmade blings. Art on the spot!


My name is Annet, I am a digital artist from Estonia who loves making fanart and merch of my favourite anime, manga, movies and games! I make acrylic products, stickers and sticker sheets, button pins, bookmarks, art prints, & many more!

Norrland's Santa

I am an illustrator and board game designer. At my table you can buy prints, basic lands for MTG as well as check out and my self-created board game A.R.V.I.N.

Canarian artist who travels the world, expert in pencil and Procreate

I am an artist from Tenerife and my drawing style combines both American comic style drawing and Japanese anime. I am also specialized in the use of ink and digital color with the Ipad Pro. I also create mythological, supernatural creatures and dragons.

Potions by Lilim

I create potions you may recognize from Harry Potter, games and fantasy. Shake the potions for a magical effect of color changing and beautiful glitter swirls and shimmer. A unique way to decorate your home and enjoy your piece of magic.


An artist and nerd who sells stickers, prints, and keychains/earrings! The designs are mainly fanart of The Magnus Archives, Qsmp and Hermitcraft, and a mixture of animes but there is a few cats and similar stuff. I also do on-site commissions!


Do you want pretty prints and cute stickers?? I sell that aswell as crocheted star-earmuffs and ceramics!⭐️ I LOVE games, anime, sanrio, fairies and clowns! You can find all of that at my pink table 🙂

Daniel "Velusaur" Velu

I'm an artist that is currently trying to make his first comic. I've never done a comic before so I tried to AI-generate a better version of myself to make it, but people kept saying "we don't have that kind of technology" and "you're no son of mine"


KOWBOJKI is a Polish/Danish artist who loves all things colourful and pastel! She loves sharing her passions through her art and interacting with fellow fans at conventions. At her booth you will find a wide selection of stickers, original prints, keychains, washi tapes and more!

Fantasy that kicks life into the heart

Take the chance to bring home a piece of really good fantasy. Sönderfallet's Symphony was awarded this spring by the Fantasy Council in competition with 500 ranked Swedish fantasy series. Mattias Kuldkepp signs and meets readers, new as well as old.


Here you will find hand-drawn posters & bookmarks. As well as printed posters with LGBTQ+ themes, armed ducks & other cozy things like stickers & tattoo ideas. Welcome to look, shop, or just say hello!


I’m Potoh from Germany and I draw silly cats to make people laugh. At my table you can find an intimidating number of stickers, and also postcards, charms and enamel pins.

Beacon of Dice

Discover the perfect addition to your ttrpg game with handmade resin dice and accessories. Offering unique designs, inclusions and colours, these dice are great to bring a little extra flair to your games!

Bitter not sweet

Bitter not sweet (Hannes Enocksson) is a young queer artist. At his table you can find hbtq+pins, prints, stickers and original works, such as rainbow knots and old paintings with new motifs painted in!


If you are looking for cute things, BixieMart is the place to visit! We sell everything from stickers to totebags, charms and much more! Everything in the shop is designed by me, Bixie 🌸 Come and say hi! ✨

Welcome to my worlds!

I’m Elisabeth Berglund, author of the epic fantasy series De Tio Världarna: Eldbarnet, Tidens Hjärta and the brand new third novel Stjärnekronan. Acclaim: Selmapriset 2023, Årets Fantasydebut. As a treat for ComicCon, buyers get a special gift! 🥰

"Anna Maia Inspired by Japan Created in Norrland"

With inspiration from Japanese culture, I create Kawaii cat prints and cute little wooden dolls. I find references and influences in Japanese nature painting, kimono patterns and folk crafts.

Art of Enrique Perez

I'm a self-taught Spanish 2D Game Artist. I love comic books, movies and 90s anime/manga and classic western animation. So these inform my own style and themes! I'm currently working on my own webcomic and 2D animated short ala 90s Disney.

Eye of the Die

Looking for some awesome dice to add to your gaming collection? Look no further! Visit our booth at Comic Con for a wide selection of unique dice sets. Don't miss out on the chance to level up your gaming experience with our exclusive dice!

StickCats Stickers

StickCats Stickers is a small stationery shop. I, Amanda and my two cats Cole & Balthazar make handmade stickers, sticky notes, and other cute handmade stuff. After naptime the cats often supervise the work. Rewards for them are treats and cuddles.

StoryMax publishers

The book "Prins Korv saves the food and rocks the leftovers", a great book about food waste. Possibly also other characters and inventions by Lars Arvidsson. Books and various funny printed matter sprung from Lasse's pen and computer.

Queen of the Vale

Do you want to level up your game night? Get special tailored dice for your DnD character? Then you're welcome to the Queen of the Vale and her selection of handmade and unique shiny math rocks and other magical game equipment.


Art, like

Critters, Colors and Cuteness!

Hi I'm Lustanjo and I'm gonna bring lots of cute merch! Meme cat prints, animal stickers and keychains, mystery packs, and much more 🌟 I can't wait to meet you all ☺️

Lovisa Walchshofer

Hello there traveler! I'm a fantasy artist and illustrator from the woods working both traditionally and digitally, and with a passion for games, nature and all things magical. Swing by my booth to find prints, originals and creatures aplenty.


Hi! I'm a freelance artist from Finland. I paint illustrations of characters from various anime and games, but I also have my own oc I enjoy drawing in scenes full of Nordic scenery. I’ll be selling posters of my work. Hope to see you there!

Bei Studios

With a love for cats, geese and flowers, Bei Studios creates cute and colorful art. Swing by her table to purchase stickers, keychains, washi tape and more!

FANATIC FANTASY has had 41 exhibitions in Stockholm since 2017. He authored three art books ( insta: @best.artists.worldwide). He founded, a bi-annual event featuring over 90 exhibiting artists. He is a gamer who loves Final Fantasy.


Adam's love for comic art began early in his childhood when he spent endless hours flipping through various Marvel and DC magazines. As a child, he hung out in comic shops from morning until closing time. Today he sketches for his own pleasure and has created Total Meltdown as a playground for his creations.
LINK leathercraft

Handmade leather accessories for cosplay and larp. All made with passion and care for details.

Creative Shenanigans

Goth or geek, we have what you seek! Stop by our bothawith handcrafted jewellery and accessories. If you still cant find what you are looking for? We do all kinds of custom work!"

Joshua A. Harris

Half human, half diabetic, Joshua is an award-winning* author from England. His books, Tales From Arlanon, are a genre-blend of fantasy, heists, and murder mysteries. He's very friendly, come say hello! *He won a gold star award for coming first in a math test when he was 7 years old

To become an exhibitor at Artist Alley you will need to buy an Artist Alley ticket. The ticket includes entry for ONE person all days and a guaranteed seat in our Artist Alley with a table and a chair. The ticket is valid for one person, so you can not sit more than one seller at the table. Please note that we only sell a limited number of tickets.

If you are an artist who creates within the realm of Comic Con theme you are welcome to book a table in our Artist Alley area. We have a great variation of different types of creators in our Artist Alley, like Comic Artists, illustrators, jewellery craftsman, authors and so much more.

Of course the objects you want to exhibit in Artist Alley, have to be legal and your business have to follow the Swedish law. If you would like to sell something within adult character, weapons or food we have special restrictions. In that case we reccomend you  to contact us.

The ticket includes entry for one peron througout the event, a table (120×50) and a chair in the Artist Alley area. The ticket is valid for one person, so you can not sit more than one seller at the table.

You will also be presented on Comic Con Stockholms Website.

No, you will get a table and a chair onsite

No, the ticket is only valid for one person selling.

You get to choose your own table onsite. The tables are not numbered, first come, first served

Yes, you must be over 18 to exhibit in Artist Alley.


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