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Here we have gathered the answers to some of the most common questions we receive. We hope you find what you are looking for,
otherwise you are welcome to contact us.


We have organized Comic Con since 2014 and created unforgettable memories for tens of thousands of young and old fans in Malmö, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Stockholm. In 2022, Comic Con Stockholm attracted approximately 30,000 happy visitors.

2023 marks the tenth year of Comic Con (with a pandemic break in 2020). We will then also move from Kistamässan to a larger space at Stockholmsmässan.

We arrange Nordics largest Pop Culture event! At our events you can participate in activities inspirerad by Tv & movies, meet current actors, comic- and digital creators. You can also take part in world- class Cosplay activities and gaming. Comic Con is a true Pop- Culture experience both for big and small visitors.

November 3 – 5 2023.

Friday November 3:

Saturday November 4:

Sunday November 5:

Comic Con Stockholm 2023 is held at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö.


Friday November 3th: 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

Saturday November 4th: 10.00 am- 7.00 pm

Sunday November 5th: 10:00 am- 6.00 pm

We are a casch free event. However, there may be exhibitors who want to get paid in cash, but most of our exhibitors take cards or swish.

Most of the exhibitors take credit card or Swish. But there might be some exhibitors that only take cash.

More information will come.

Yes, but you may not eat it in the restaurant units at Stockholmsmässan.

Yes, there is a wardrobe. The fee is SEK 40 for a jacket and SEK 40 for a bag. You pay by card.

No, the nearest ATM is in Älvsjö Centrum, a short distance away.

Yes, there are both garage spaces and outdoor parking where you can pay by the hour or by the day. There are approx. 2500 parking spots.

No, unfortunately you are not allowed to bring the dog. Dogs are only allowed if it is an assistance dog (bring certificate).


Tickets sales goes trough our ticket partner Ticketmaster. Buy your tickets here.

By purchasing a ticket to Comic Con Stockholm you get access to the event during open hours. Your ticket gives you: Access to all stage activities and panels (subject to availability). Access to the event area and activities (Age limits might occur for some games). Opportunity to meet your favourite actors and invited special guests (Autographs and photos have an extra fee).

Included in a VIP ticket

  • Admission to Comic Con on selected day
  • VIP entrance
  • VIP badge
  • Fast track Heroes Meet (formerly Special Guest Area)
  • Fast track Main Stage
  • Fast track Creators Corner
  • Comic Con Cap
  • Comic Con tote bag
  • Official Comic
  • Con 10th Anniversary Posts
  • Access to the VIP lounge with access to the cafeteria

In the popular Artist Alley area, comic artists, illustrators, writers and other creators exhibit and sell their works. The ticket includes entry for ONE person all days and a guaranteed seat in our Artist Alley with table and chair. Please note that we only sell a limited number of tickets. Read more about Artist Alley here.

We do not have a ticket checkout at the event, ticket sales are exclusively online. You can buy tickets online via Ticketmaster during the event,  as long as there are still tickets available.

Check your spam inbox, the ticket might be there.  If not please contact our ticket partner Ticketmaster.

When tickets for a specific date are sold out, there will unfortunatly not be any extra tickets for that date available. This due to safety and fire regulations. We do recommend you to check out tickets availability for the rest of event dates.

If the children’s tickets are sold out the day you wish to visit Comic Con, it is possible to buy an adult ticket instead.

Our tickets are not refundable after payment.

Yes, our ticket partner ticketmaster can help with that.
Here is info on how to contact Ticketmaster’s consumer support.

The event tickets that are sold trough Ticketsmaster are not personal. The ticket allowes one time entry to the event, and the person that is holding the ticket have the entry right.

Then we recommend Ticketmaster Resale! These tickets are sold by fans, for fans.

Read more about selling tickets here:
Read more about buying tickets here:

Unfortunatly we do not refund entrance-tickets. We are sorry that you are missing your favourite guest, but we can assure you that there will be a lot of other activities.

We refund photo tickets and autograph tickets if the celebrity you were to be photographed with or get an autograph from cancels his participation.

No you do not need to print it out, we are able to scan the tickets from your phone.


We invite Special Guests to Comic Con every year that you can take a photo with. To get access to the photo session you will need an entrance ticket to Comic Con Stockholm and also a photo ticket. More information about photo sessions and where you can buy your photo ticket.

Yes, you will need an extra photo or autograph ticket besides from your entrance ticket. You can buy  photo/autograph ticket online, if there still is tickets available you can buy them at place.

Prices vary depending on the guest. Check the guest’s profile page for more info.

Some of our Special Guests allowes this. Check out the Special Guests profil page for more info.

Yes, as long as everybody have their own photo ticket. Everyone with a photo ticket gets a print out and a digital photo.

Normally it is a Comic Con-branded background. In some cases it can also be other brands, if there is a sponsoring company.

All the photos are printed the same day as the pictures are taken. The exact waiting time depends on how many people have been taking photos. Normally you can return to the photo session area later on for the print out.

Yes, you will get a link where you can download your digital photo.

The prices varies from guest to guest. Check out the guests profil page for more information.

All our Special Guests have a selection of photos available for you to choose from. The autograph ticket includes one optional photo, that the guest signs on.

Yes, but the cost for an autograph is the same.


No, we encourage our visitors to come in cosplay outfits either way.

Your weapon must be allowed according to the Swedish Arms Act, and the law on knives and other objects. The swedish weapon law also covers weapons that’s been disabled. It is not allowed to have a soft airgun at Comic Con. Here you can read the swedish police rules about airguns and soft airguns. The law on knives and other objects states that it is forbidden to have knives, stick weapons, cutting weapons and other dangerous objects in public places. Examples of knives that are not allowed may be swords, karate sticks or sabers. It is also prohibited with nails, sharp edges or the like on your cosplay.

Approved props

If your weapon can’t cause any danger to others (such as a copy made in papier mache or like), your weapon is ok.

Objects intended as toys for children up to 14 years (eg one-tone plastic water gun) are approved.

Objects that cannot be mistaken for a real weapon (such as a Star Wars lightsaber or a Star Trek phaser) are also approved in the Exhibition Hall.

Weapons on stage and under photo

It is forbidden to have an drawn sword / knife in the exhibition hall. During photos or on stage it is permitted to pose with a weapon that is allowed under Swedish law but should not be drawn in the exhibition hall. The organizer has the right to check your weapon / replica at any time to ensure that it complies with all the rules above.

Most visitors are happy to be in the picture, but please ask the person for consent and respect if they do not want to be in the picture.

Yes, there is a dedicated cosplay room for cosplayers. Please observe, that space is limited and we are not responsible for any property. If you want your belongings to be guarded, you can check in your belongings in the wardrobe.

Yes, there is a dedicated cosplay room where you can change. There will be high pressure in this room and we recommend that you come as ready as you can beforehand.


Yes, we welcome kids and families at Comic Con Stockholm.

Kids up to 4 years can enter for free. For kids at the ages 4-12 we have a discounted ticket.

Yes, we have tickets for kids 4-12 years old. Kids that are under the age of 4 have free entry.

We recommend kids under the age of 12 years to attend with an accompanied adult. Kids over 12 years old can attend without an adult, but with the parents permission and full responsibilty. It’s a big event and we can not take responsibility for kids not accompanied by an adult.

Yes you can. Note, however, that it sometimes gets very crowded with a lot of people moving on the exhibition floor.

There is a breastfeeding room where you can heat baby food.


All our stage activities and panels are included in the tickets. But please note that our stage areas have a limited numbers of chairs, therefor we recommend you to be there on time for the activity you are intressted in.

We have several stages at Comic Con Stockholm. We recomend you to look up which activity you are intressted in and then look at the floorplan to find the stages. There are also signs to help our visitors to locate in the arena. There will also be volonteers on place to help our visitors.


Yes, allthough it might be narrowed space due to a lot of visitors attending at the same time. The Saturdays are usually our bussiest day during Comic Con. If you wish visiting Comic Con on a more slow day, we recomend Sunday for our visitors.

Yes, assistents have free entry, as long as there is documentation to show the entrance staff.


Yes. We photograph/film ourselves and our event attracts a lot of local and national press. When purchasing a ticket, you agree that you may be filmed and/or photographed at the event and that the material may be used for marketing purposes.

Yes, but you have to ask for consent, and respect the person if they do not want to be a part of it. Some of our guests might not want to be filmed or photographed at the panels and interviews. You will be informed about this before the start of interview.


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