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Welcome to an unforgettable weekend on May 3-5 at Comic Con Stockholm’s summer debut, where you will have the opportunity to meet prominent Comic Artists with experience from industry giants such as Marvel, DC Comics and Disney. Among other things, you will be able to meet Marc Ellerby, who drew the popular Rick and Morty series from Oni Press, and Don Rosa, who is best known for his Disney series about Donald Duck.

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Take the chance to meet our Comic Artists and take a photo together or get an autograph. There will be prints to get signed, but it’s also okay to bring something from home. You can also take part in their live drawings on our stage Heroes Talk or listen to panels on Heroes Spotlight, completely for free. Don Rosa will also have a Q&A on our Heroes Main Stage. Limited number of places – first come, first served!

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Marc Ellerby is a Comic Artists from the UK. He is probably best known for his work on the Rick and Morty series from Oni Press and [adult swim]. He has worked with companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, BBC, Hasbro and Cartoon Network.


Don Rosa is an American comic book writer and illustrator best known for his Disney comics about Donald Duck, Scrooge von Anka, and other characters developed by Carl Barks for Disney-licensed comic books originally released in the United States by Dell Comics.


Cary Nord has been drawing comics professionally since he was 19 years old. He has worked with virtually every major publisher, including Daredevil, Mutant X, Wonderwoman, and most notably his 2004 Eisner Award-winning work on Conan (Darkhorse).


R. B. Silva is a Brazilian Comic Artist known for his work on various Marvel Comics titles, including “X-Men”, “Fantastic Four” and “New Mutants”. He is known for his dynamic artwork and has contributed to several major stories in the Marvel Universe.


Starting with small unknown publishers, Martin Coccolo managed to create a path that led him to work for APE Entertainment’s “Helldorado”. After many projects for different publishers, in 2021 he started working for Marvel on titles such as X-Force, Thor vs Hulk: Banner Of War and Deadpool.


Mark Waid has been an editor, writer, publisher, artist, colorist, letterer, publicist, creative consultant, chief creative officer, and comic book store owner. As a writer, he has worked with every major and almost every minor publisher and has written and edited over 2000 stories. He is currently enjoying a new success at DC Comics with World’s Finest.


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