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Meet international cosplay guests

Are you also a fan of cosplay? Then you are most welcome to our new area, Cosplay Paradise! Here you can meet internationally famous cosplay guests, mingle with other cosplayers and participate in exciting workshops. Experience a memorable weekend on November 1-3 at Comic Con Stockholm Winter, where our cosplay guests will be available all weekend.

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Take the chance and meet famous cosplay guests and immortalize your meeting with a photo together or an autograph. Our cosplay guests will also take part in Q&A’s and hold workshops where you can join in and try or learn something new. During our workshops, there is a limited number of places – first come, first served!

you can meet them here

Yuji Koi


A Vietnamese cosplayer based in Switzerland, has been competing and winning awards since 2014. She has represented Vietnam at the World Cosplay Summit, won first prize at Dubai Comic-Con, and been named “Best Coser of the Year” in Vietnam three years in a row. Known for bringing characters to life. In addition, jury member at international competitions and collaborated with companies such as Riot Games and HoYoVerse.

Yugoro cosplay


A dedicated live-action RPG enthusiast and cosplayer since 2017, Yugoro has a passion for performances, epic props and imaginative costumes. She has won at events such as Comic Con Baltics and Japan Expo, and was one of the twelve finalists in the global Cyberpunk 2077 competition.

MitterMakes Cosplay Studio


Meet Mitternachti and RakeMakes, Sweden’s ultimate cosplay duo! Since 2010, they have dominated the scene and judged prestigious competitions such as SM and Nordic cosplay championships. With stunning costumes from video games, manga, books and movies, they love makeup and SFX-heavy characters.


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