Yuji Koi




Meet cosplayer Yuji Koi

Come and meet cosplayer Yuji Koi at Comic Con Stockholm Winter on 1-3 Nov. Visit her in our new area Cosplay Paradise, where Yuji will be available to talk, sign autographs, take pictures and she will also hold a workshop on “cosplay make-up” at Heroes Academy on Nov 2 at 1:15-2pm :00. All you need is an entry ticket to Comic Con Stockholm Winter 2024.

More aboUt Yuji Koi

Yuji Koi is a Vietnamese cosplayer, model and craftsman based in Switzerland. Since 2014, she has participated in many cosplay competitions and won several awards, including as Vietnam’s representative at the World Cosplay Summit 2017, first prize in the anime category at Dubai Comic-Con, and “Best Coser of the Year” in Vietnam three years in a row.

Yuji is known for his ability to bring popular characters to life and his involvement in cosplay acting. She has traveled the world as a guest and jury member at international cosplay competitions and worked with companies such as Riot Games, HoYoVerse, and Tencent. Cosplay and streaming have become her full-time jobs, and she holds workshops and panels on cosplay make-up and acting to inspire more people to participate in cosplay.

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