Dragonbane live at comic con

Join us as new role-playing group Arkaniversum play a specially written one-shot of DoDs at Heroes Spotlight Friday 3 May 5.30-7.00pm.

In the Valley of Darkness, a random adventure gang has just been formed – here we find the bold but lovable warrior dwarf Fnöskberga, the charming hunter Joruna, the cunning halfling thief Brine, the shy and strong wolf warrior Keala and the mysterious elf magician Thein. By chance, the heroes meet in the dragon pass on the north side of the valley and together they enter the Valley of the Mists, where great adventure and nasty dangers await around every corner.

At Comic Con Summer, the gang plays a specially written one-shot that takes place between the adventures in the “secret of the dragon emperor” campaign. Our heroes have just returned from the Battle of Knights Rös when they are visited by a familiar figure who pleads for their help…

About Arkaniversum

Arkaniversum is a Swedish role-playing group and actual play series that started in 2023. Follow along as five musical artists role-play together – led by game director Elias Erixon Schärström. Be part of every win, loss and twisted fate as the gang in Arkaniversum embarks on journeys in worlds far beyond our own –


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