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A collection of short horror stories written by various authors. Meet Nordic beings, witches, evil children, aliens and various nature creatures. Feelbad at its best.

angelica’s bookshelf gives Nasty Women 5 out of 5:
Really good horror should make you feel chills down your spine, look over your shoulder, wish you had the light on at night, wonder if it’s worth going to the bathroom in the dark. I experience all of this when I read Nasty Women. I like horror. I’m fascinated by the feeling of feeling fear and then realizing it’s just fictional. At the risk of sounding a little crazy, but I like to get a little scared sometimes as long as it’s not real or something serious, so book or movie horror is perfect. Because believe me, in real life I am terrified of darkness, blood, pain and death which I got a big dose of in this short story collection. I liked all the short stories. Most of them really scared me and some had me gaping silly in horror at myself. Children and mentally unstable people are always scary in horror stories, they feel so erratic and impulsive. It occurs in several of the short stories here and it is also the ones that are the most terrifying. I was just as upset every time a short story ended, I want more! Like Darkness’ classics, there are no happy endings, this is pure horror, darkness and evil. I loved it!

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