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AfternoonFika is a small, family run business located in Sweden. We focus on soft and sweet designs that will bring a smile to your face! We have a wide range of wares for you to enjoy, from our soft and cuddly plushies to our cute enamel pins, vinyl decals and more. Stop by, and have some fika with us! <3


Purrincess Cake Plush

Purrincess Cake Plush

Meet the round star of our little bakery, Purrincess Cake! Based on the classic Swedish prinsesstårta, our plush is perfect for cuddling, squeezing and napping on! She loves to be kneaded on, the soft inside imitating the delicious softness

Sprinkles the Whale Shark Plush

Sprinkles the Whale Shark Plush

Dig in and enjoy Sprinkles the Doughnut Whale Shark! He is a squishy lad, full of sugar and loves to swim around and hang out with little fishies. Do not be afraid, for his mouth is this big only




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