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Jim Hawkins finds a treasure map and sets off to find the treasure. Joining the ship is the one-legged pirate Long John Silver, who longs for the gold. And he’s not afraid to be tricked, mutiny, or murdered to get the treasure himself.

With a difficult-to-interpret map and dreams of riches, Jim Hawkins sails with Captain Smollett and the crew of the ship Hispaniola to the island where the mythical pirate Captain Flint is said to have buried his treasure. With a crew that mostly consists of Flint’s old underlings, mutiny is close. Ben Gunn becomes Jim’s friend, but Long John Silver, Captain Flint’s one-legged cook, proves to be a formidable opponent. Skattkammarön is the adventure novel of adventure novels, which has become style-forming and grown into its own mythology whose characters have a luminosity like few others. It has been filmed and adapted many times, but the original novel continues to draw new generations of readers into its magic circle.

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