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Do you know someone who dreams of becoming a writer? Or maybe you want to improve your writing? The writer’s school takes you from idea to finished story.

Dive into creative writing, create your own book and pop up again with a proud giant smile and a book of your very own. I will guide you through the entire process. When we start up, time usually flies by. Join us and see how the magic is made!
Anyone can become a writer. Learn Sofi Poulsen’s process from idea to finished story. The writer’s school teaches you to structure your writing process. The book is also full of playful writing exercises that teach step by step the magic of writing a book.
All good stories have touching characters, a mysterious place, and an exciting event. We go through all this step by step and you get lots of writing exercises. Sofi Poulsen also shares her best tips against writing cramp.
Since 2016, author Sofi Poulsen has allowed more than 4,000 students to take part in her creative exercises and writing workshop. This has been possible thanks to Skapande skola. Now we have gathered Sofi’s expertise in a Writer’s School and made a guided manual for you who want to improve your creative writing. The writer’s school is a hardcover book of 80 pages in four colors and contains 22 different writing exercises and plenty of space to write on.
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Tips against writing cramp
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