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The handsome Dorian Gray possesses a beauty that few are blessed with. He never seems to age and has an inordinate fondness for the superficially beautiful. But what most people don’t know is that he has a dark secret; a portrait, hidden, showing his true self. Where his eternal youth is not eternal at all and where his sins are shaping him beyond recognition. When the bad conscience makes a jolt of reminders, it makes Dorian stagger. Can he somehow save his soul, before it is hopelessly lost? With all the evil he’s done, it’s doubtful there’s any turning back.

The Picture of Dorian Gray, the dandy novel of dandy novels, is a story whose main character has come to signify phenomena far beyond the limits of literature, and even given a name to a diagnosis of illness.
One of the world’s greatest classics. When the book was first published it was considered scandalous and offensive, but its popularity has since skyrocketed. The book has also been filmed countless times.
OSCAR WILDE, born 1854 in Dublin, died 1900 in Paris, was an Irish prose writer, dramatist, essayist and poet. Because of his homosexual orientation, Wilde often encountered fierce opposition and as a result became Oscar Wilde’s importance as a symbol of persecuted homosexuals in the world is immeasurable. Wilde himself was sentenced to prison and penal servitude, the works were boycotted, dramatic productions were canceled and he was publicly vilified. The most famous prose works are the Faustian novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1890

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