Eldbarnet awarded Selmapriset 2023!

The jury’s motivation for the Selmapriset:

In Eldbarnet we follow a young woman on the run. As a Merry rider and Juokilu citizen, Vivya has never taken anything seriously, but when her home is attacked, she is suddenly given the responsibility to stop the invasions – and she couldn’t be less prepared. With a quick pull, the author Elisabeth Berglund opens the doors to this exciting story. We follow a main character who is completely wrong for her task, yet is forced to do her utmost.

Eldbarnet is a well-composed fantasy novel with a mix of classic features and unique cultures. The world-building is skillfully done and in many cases offers reversed gender roles with matriarchal structures. The author paints dynamic peoples with enchanting dishes and refreshing characteristics.

There is a constant drive that keeps the tension up, the relationships develop in step with the conflicts and the supernatural elements feel obvious. The language also maintains a light-hearted tone, making the unknown phenomena easy to absorb. All while Vivya twists and turns to shape herself to the task.

Eldbarnet is a work that shows a great understanding of the basic components of the fantasy genre. All one can do is long for the sequel!





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