Come and say hello to cosplayer Emma Green!

Here’s a bit about cosplayer Emma Green:
I am Emma, ​​26 years young who, when I’m not at work loves to spend her time creating cosplays, and have been loving doing that since 2015.

I have always found it fun to be creative and make things with my hands, so when I found cosplay it was just a perfect combination of being creative and social, two things I really enjoy!

Even if I love gaming all of my cosplays aren’t from games, some of them are from cartoons from when I grew up or comic books.

For Comic Con Stockholm I have the goal to bring three cosplays, Arcade Miss Fortune from League of Legends, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and a third cosplay, tho I haven’t yet decided which one so that will be a surprise!

On my Instagram account @emmagcosplay I post all of my work and it is where I hang out when I’m not at an event.

Follow her and to see here, come and see here on our stand!






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