Stockholm University – Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Stockholm Univerity conducts education and research in the Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, as well as area studies within the two main areas: Asian Languages and Cultures and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures.

We offer a variety of courses at undergraduate and master’s level across a wide range of subjects within the field. Among our freestanding courses we offer both day time and evening courses that are given in English.

Studera japanska hos oss!

Studera japanska hos oss!

Historically the study of Japan started out from philology, but over the last three decades it has branched out into a wide array of disciplines. We at Stockholm University put the emphasis on Japanese language and culture with a special focus on proto-modern, modern and contemporary arts and media. The reason for this is that it falls into line with a general change of interest in Japan, that is, the shift of attention towards aesthetic and media culture, gender issues, and the environment of everyday life. With respect to International Relations, economics, and policy-making, we collaborate closely with the European Institute of Japanese Studies as well as experts at other research institutions in Stockholm. Two thirds of the undergraduate courses we offer are dedicated to the Japanese language in order to provide students with the opportunity to reach an advanced level of language proficiency and gain an awareness for language as a part and a medium of contemporary culture. Graduates can proceed on the master’s level, either by taking separate courses as well as the master course in Japanese language and culture, or by enrolling in the master program in Asian languages and cultures.

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