At Imagine Games’ booth you will find fantastic books and a wide selection of dice. Between top quality resin and metal dice, you will also find Christoffer Pichler and his fantasy-trilogy.

Revanianda-trilogy – Christoffer Pichler – Imagine Games
Two worlds, separated since before the dawn of history, has developed in different directions. The peaceful revani lead humble lives while the pale humans fight for dominion over each other. When an accident strands a young revani woman on the shores of the humans, a chain of events is set in motion. The third and final book, Divine Intervention, will for the first time be shown at a fair.

The Marksmen – Ewa Broberg – Marwa Förlag
When the oppressive state grows too strong, it always creates dissidents. That simultaneously will do almost anything to avoid joining the revolution. But when you indirectly caused the revolution, it can be tricky to abstain. The Marksmen is a dystopic trilogy set in a near-future Europe. The first book, the Marksmen, is followed by The Deserters and The Destroyers.

Also in the booth you will find books from the publisher Förlag Futur and the author organization Fantastikbokklubben together with two authors representing these vendors: Sten Rosendahl and Elisabeth Berglund. Guest author Tess Williamsson will sign her books in the booth Friday 4-5pm.

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