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FCV Sverige AB

FCV Sverige AB

Play test our new game Hot Skills Sweden. In Hotskills you play against others in the battle for the job. It is a game that is developed to be fun, stimulating and at the same time contains guidance in the gameplay. Thanks to the design of the game’s structure and the fact that guidance is integrated, it is easily accessible and inclusive.
About FCV (Fair CV)
We are a Norrland and community actor that develops innovative solutions to the exclusion among young people. We also conduct study-motivating game courses where on average 90% go on to study after participating in our programs, great huh!? Everything is done for and together with young adults.
Our vision for the future is that more young adults will be given the opportunity and support to leave isolation and instead go with strengthened self-esteem towards a context and a job. By visiting our stand, you give us motivation and energy to keep doing it!

And if you want to know more about our targeted efforts right now, don’t hesitate to contact us!





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