Daniel Valadez / Juan Vlasco

Daniel Valadez / Juan Vlasco

Daniel Valadez is a comic book artist and illustrator from Mexico, he has exhibited his paintings in France, published his work at Marvel Cómics and is currently working on two graphic novels, one of which is written by himself.

Juan Vlasco was a veteran comic book inker from Mexico, he worked in the american at companies like Marvel, DC Comics and Dark Horse for over 27 years with talented artists as Humberto Ramos (D.A.P.S.), José Ladrönn (Spider-Boy Team Up, Cable) Paco Medina (Superman, X-Men, Deadpool, New X-Men, Venom), Carlo Barberi (Deadpool, Impulse, Vampi, Batman: Orphans), Eric Canete (Action Comics, Ladytron, Mr. Majestic), and many others.





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