Cosplay SM qualification


At Heroes Comic Con Stockholm 2023, a qualifying competition for the Cosplay-SM will be held on Friday November 4. The qualifying competition consists of two categories: craftsmanship and performance. It is possible to participate and win in one or both. The judges select one of the contestants as finalist for the final 2022 based on equal parts on craftsmanship and appearance. Thus, those who participate in both categories have a greater chance of being selected.

To participate in the Swedish Championship qualifying competition, you need to register no later than Thursday October 20.
Registration has not opened yet, keep an eye out for more information!


You go up on our catwalk to music and show your costume to the audience and the judges. Before the show, a “pre-assessment” takes place where you meet the judges individually and present your costume. You are judged on how well-made your suit is and how much it resembles the original. You must have created your own costume, but it is allowed with modified garments and a few purchased garments.

Rules for craftsmanship:

  • Competitors must have made their own costume.
  • It is allowed with modified garments and a few purchased garments in the suit.
  • The suit must be created by the person wearing it during the competition.
  • Competitors may not participet with costumes that have previously won “Best Cosplay” or equivalent in a major cosplay competition.
  • So-called ‘original characters’ are not allowed, competitors may only participate with a character who has a professionally published model.
  • It is permissible to make gender bends (a reinterpretation of the character as another gender) and ginkas (a reinterpretation of a non-human character as a human being) as well as fan art versions of characters


You perform a performance, between 90 and 150 seconds, on stage. You are judged on how good the performance is, your ability to tell a story, how much your performance affects the audience and how the performance is set up to resemble the character. It is possible both to use your own sound and to show video / animation / image on a large LED screen. You do not have to have made your costume yourself; it is possible to compete with a purchased costume.

Rules for performance:

  • Competitors must be able to wear the entire suit and all associated props on and off stage.
  • The performance should be between 90 and 150 seconds long. It must not be shorter or longer.
  • The participant has the opportunity to submit a video or audio file that is played during the performance. It is also possible to perform lines live with a mic in place.
  • Video files should have one second of silent black image at the beginning and end.
  • Audio files should be one second silent at the beginning and end.


Prizes are awarded in the categories “Best Craftsmanship” and “Best Performance”.
The judges select one of the winners from the qualifying competition as a finalist for the final 2023 based on equal parts on craftsmanship and appearance. Read more about Cosplay-SM.

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