10 things you can't miss on friday!

Here are 10 tips for those of you who will visit Comic Con Stockholm on Friday, November 3.

  1. Come meet comedy trio IJWTBC on Nov 3rd And meet YouTuber Figghen all weekend!
  2. Are you new to cosplay or just want to learn more from a pro? Don’t miss this activity – cosplay airbrushing with Cosplayer Trine.
  3. At Heroes Comic Con Stockholm 2023, a qualifier for the Cosplay SM will be held on Friday, November 3 in collaboration with NärCon.
  4. Don’t miss our Q&A panels with the actors, Stephen Amell, Eliza Taylor and Chandler Riggs!
  5. We will have several different live drawings with Cully Hamner and a Live drawing battle with cartoonists Pere Pérez and Daniel Acuña.
  6. Listen to Studio Ghibli music played by pianist Mikael on the Heroes Perform stage.
  7. Take part in the horror panel which will focus on the most important aspects of the Swedish horror film and the filmmakers who have contributed to the rise of the genre.
  8. Listen to Almir Listo and Miodrag Kovacevic who will talk about Building Games & Communities at Heroes Spotlight.
  9. Learn Chinese with Stockholm University.

10 things you can't miss on saturday!

  1. .Playing Exploding Kittens with big freaking cards in our new Activity Area.
  2. Listen to choral singing by the elf choir Eldandili Fantasy Choir on our new stage Heroes Perform.
  3. The awesome acrobatics show of Mira Valkyria at Heroes Perform.
  4. Don’t miss our Q&A with Karen Fukuhara and Erin Moriarty on the Heroes Main stage.
  5. Our popular Cosplay show! Show off your cosplay costume on stage or enjoy all the amazing creations.
  6. Humor trio, Min fakking bro and Youtuber Matinbum are coming!
  7. Listen to the Nelly rap panel on Heroes Spotlight!
  8. Jukka Rintamäki is a composer known for his work in video games, film and television. Don’t miss the interview on Heroes Talk.
  9. Listen to the interview with Parisa Amiri on Heroes Talk.
  10. Take the chance to ask everything you want about roleplaying with roleplaying expert Gabrielle De Bourg.

10 things you can't miss on sunday!

  1. Visit our area Heroes Playpark which is powered by Klossfestivalen. We also have a Lego Area where you can meet Lego Masters.
  2. Try Speeddating for free. Meet your next love or get to know a new friend.
  3. Aurora Punks, Perfect Random, and Friendly Foe are coming to Comic Con and showcasing the games Hooja, SULFUR, and Soulbound!
  4. World Cosplay Summit, the world’s biggest cosplay competition!
  5. Preview Monarch with Apple+!
  6. Stand up with YouTuber Tejbz
  7. Meet Yumi & Tomu and Let’s feast in our Creators Corner area!
  8. Take the chance to learn to dance k-pop at Comic Con Stockholm!
  9. Try Lightsaber Combat with LudoSport.
  10. On Heroes Spotlight you can see all our Comic Artists in one Comics panel.


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