Hand in your portfolio for the chance to meet DC Comics Editor-in-Chief

November 3-5 you will be able to meet DC Comics editor-in-chief Marie Javins in Comic Village. Then you can also submit your portfolio and get the chance to meet Marie in a personal meeting. Read more below about how the portfolio review will take place.


    • We´ll leave a box / bucket in the editor’s table for people to leave their portfolios. Those portfolios HAVE TO BE only COPIES, NEVER originals, always in A4 size, with a curriculum vitae included after the cover, as page 1.


    • – Each portfolio needs to be a minimum of six pages, and a maximum of 15.
      – It can be pencillers, inkers (if it’s an inker he/she should also show the pencils he’s inked in the same portfolio) colorists (if it’s a colorist he or she should also include the black and white pages he/she has colored).
      – Each portfolio must also have a cover with an illustration, the artist’s full name or “nom the plume” and contact information.
      – Also, every interior page needs to have written the full name and contact info (phone number and email) of the creator at the top of EACH page.
      – We can’t guarantee the portfolios will be returned. It could be lost, or an editor could decide to take it back home, so the artist must accept in advance it could be not returned.
      Again: If you leave it in the box, it’s quite possible you won’t get it back, so please don’t include any original art in the portfolio, ONLY COPIES.


    • This is free access. ANYBODY can leave their portfolio in the box, but NOT EVERYBODY will get a private meeting, only those the editor decides are ready or have the potential to become a professional artist. We’ll ask the selected artists to show an ID to access the meeting, because only the ones selected can access those.


    • Every day of the show the artists will be able to leave their portfolios at the editor’s table until 2:00 pm; at that time the editor will pick and review the portfolios from the  bucket and pick who they will be meeting with. We’ll write down the names of the people Marie will meet in a whiteboard (or similar) around 3:00 pm and meetings will start at 3:30 pm, for two hours, until 5:30 pm (each meeting lasting 15 minutes, approx.). If you’re not on the list, feel free to ask for your portfolio, and when it’s at all possible, we’ll return it to you.


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