The best TV series of the year 2022

This year's five best TV series

We present this year’s five best TV series, compiled by our friends at [Nörd:igt]

House of the Dragon

The return to Westeros in this prequel focusing on House Targaryen is so well-written and well-acted when it comes to the characters and plots that the dragons, which are admittedly super cool, still become secondary.


Star Wars has probably never before been as good as from this grim angle far from lightsabers and Jedi knights about how a rebel movement is born out of pressured desperation under the Empire’s hard boot heel. And Stellan… wow!

The Sandman

With the watchful eye and blessing of the creator of the basic material, Neil Gaiman, this adaptation of basically the first two volumes of the comic publisher succeeds in satisfying both long-time fans and new viewers.

Stranger Things 4

The long-awaited latest season not only brought us the usual dose of monsters and strange things, but also a new favorite character in Eddie Munson, as well as a nostalgic musical boost for both Kate Bush and Metallica.

Love Death + Robots Vol. 3

The latest season of the animated anthology series from Tim Miller, David Fincher and the talented studios is the strongest ever with exciting stories and beautiful animations – plus robots!


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