The best movies of the year 2022

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This year's five best movies

We present this year’s five best movies, compiled by our friends at [Nörd:igt]

Top Gun: Maverick

A legacy sequel to one of the best action blockbusters of the 80s that manages to surpass even the original! With a working love story this time as well, as well as a nice tribute to Val Kilmer!

Wakanda Forever

Filling the void left by Chadwick Boseman is no easy task, but the sequel to Black Panther does its best to process the grief while further developing Wakanda’s status in the MCU and establishing Namor and his people.


Predator prequel in which one of the worst monsters in film history hunts the Comanche warrior Naru in 18th century America. No Arnold or automatic weapons but at least as much survival instinct & badassery!

The Batman

Robert Patttinson was probably as clueless as Michael Keaton in his time in the role of the caped crusader, but with Matt Reeves’ dark direction and Michael Giacchino’s atmospheric soundtrack, it will still be a better Batman than in a long time!

Guillermo’s Pinocchio

Not to be confused with the Tom Hanks reel from Disney. Here it’s all about stop-motion with del Toro’s quirky style and embracing the darkness of the original, topped off with a fantastic voice cast!


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