The best books of the year 2022

This year's five best books

We present this year’s five best books, summarized by Science Fiction Bokhandeln


Finally in Swedish! Karin Tidbeck, who has been called “Sweden’s most unknown export success”, has been praised in the media for her dreamy and eerie novel Minnesteatern. The children Dora and Thistle are involuntary servants in the Garden. A fairyland where there is eternal twilight and the immortals live out all their dreams, while the children are tormented and devoured. Now Dora and Thistle escape, towards our world, in a twisted journey through the world of the fairy tale

Legends & Lattes

For those who want both high fantasy and cozy mysteries, we recommend Legends & Lattes, for a double shot of fantasy slice of life with a romantic foam crown. Viv is a barbarian tired of the sword life, and sets out on one last adventure to find a lost artifact that will fund her dream: Thune’s first latte!

When Women Were Dragons

When Alex is four years old, she sees the aunt next door turn into a surprised dragon. But that’s not something you talk about – dragons and how women sometimes turn into them. Not even after that day in 1955 when hundreds of thousands of women were transformed and the whole society was affected. Alex’s aunt Marla never existed, and her beloved cousin Beatrice is now called sister and is said to have always been. An everyday realistic story about oppression, power and family relationships.


A sense of horror that develops into exciting science fiction. It begins on a sailing ship on the northern Norwegian coast. The ship is searching for a mysterious treasure, hidden in an ice crevasse, but Doctor Silas Coade awakens from disturbing dreams. Dense, exciting and very skillfully constructed


Ellie is a Lipan Apache girl who lives in an America where myths and legends are true – scarecrows walk, rivers live and sometimes you get to chat with Coyote. Ellie has contact with the underworld and can speak with animal spirits, but summoning humans is taboo. When her cousin is murdered and everything is silenced, Ellie refuses to let him be forgotten – even if she has to break all the rules. Nice young adult book with good representation: #ownvoices and asexual protagonist


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