We welcome the actor Jenna Coleman, known from Doctor Who

Known for her BAFTA nominated performance in Doctor Who

Jenna Coleman is an actress who started her career in 2005 with a role in “Emmerdale” (one of Britain’s biggest soap operas). Jenna became a fan favorite and at the 2006 British Soap Awards she was nominated for “Best Newcomer”. Today, Jenna Coleman is known for, among other things, her BAFTA-nominated role as Clara in Doctor Who and for her role in the Emmy-nominated series Victoria. Jenna also has a starring role in the miniseries The Serpent and plays Joanna Constantine in Netflix’s new series The Sandman (DC Comics).

Come and meet Jenna Coleman November 4th and 5th

Friday November 4 and Saturday November 5 you can hang out with Jenna Coleman at Comic Con Stockholm. Take the chance to have your picture taken with her, get an autograph or participate in her Q&A panels on the Heroes Stage.


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