New for this year – Heroes Academy

heroes academy

Come and discover our new stage for knowledge

We present a new stage at Comic Con Stockholm 2022 – Heroes Academy. Heroes Academy is the stage for you who are curious and like to learn new things. Here you will be able to take part in fun activities, interesting workshops and informative lectures. Hopefully you leave with lots of new knowledge, and maybe even a newfound interest!

You can learn more about this at heroes Academy

Learn to speak Korean, Japanese or Chinese. Immerse yourself in Korean pop culture and learn to dance to k-pop music. Or why not become a robot professional and learn how to build an R2D2 on your own? Listen to interesting lectures on, for example, how Asian studies and queer studies are connected. Or take the chance to get started playing role-playing games!

This is a selection of everything you will be able to enjoy at Heroes Academy. We will present more exciting activities, workshops and lectures on an ongoing basis, stay tuned!


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