Two cosplay SM qualifying competitions at Comic Con Stockholm 2021

cosplay-sm kval

Foto: Ole J. Sollie/NärCon


This year at Comic Con Stockholm November 5-7, two qualifying competitions for Cosplay-SM will be held, one on Friday November 5 and one on Sunday November 7. Here you can register for the Swedish Championship qualifier in cosplay.

Today, cosplay is a large community and a great way to meet new people with the same interest. At Comic Con, it’s definitely one of the funniest features. Many visitors come in cosplay and just watching all the imaginative creations is worth a visit in itself.


Cosplay is an abbreviation of “Costume Play” and means that you imitate different characters from movies, TV and games etc. You can either buy ready-made costume or make your own.

Cosplay has a Japanese origin and was inspired by 70’s Star Trek fans who dressed up as their favorite characters. From there it came to the USA where the interest quickly spread outside the science fiction circles and began to include characters from manga, anime, video games, comic books, etc.

Cosplay became popular in Sweden during the 2000’s when cosplay competitions started to be arranged. Since then, the interest has only grown and since 2011, one person has each year been able to call oneself “Sweden’s best cosplayer”. In cosplay-SM, the craftsmanship, appearance and design of the character on stage are judged. Cosplay-SM is organized by NärCon.


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