This is how we will host a safe Comic Con in November

Corona-säkert Comic Con

It is our highest wish to be able to arrange a Comic Con Stockholm as planned on 5 – 7 November 2021. As FHM are more and more optimistic about the future, and the government has eased the corona-restrictions, we have begun to believe in and plan for a Comic Con Stockholm this autumn!


Your safety is still our top priority and therefore, in addition to the stricter sanitary requirements that Kistamässan has, we have taken the following measures to be able to hold a safe Comic Con in November:

  • Limited number of visitors per day – Visiting Comic Con can sometimes be a whirling adventure in crowds with like-minded people. Some find fascination in that part as well, but this year will be different. Instead we give each visitor more space to move around to avoid congestion. This of course means that we will release significantly fewer tickets than usual, so do not wait too long to get your ticket as the demand is high!
  • Extended opening hours – We turn Friday into a full day and are open from 10am , this gives visitors the opportunity to spread out during the day and over the event.
  • Pre-sale only – To minimize congestion at the entrance, we do not sell tickets on site. Only presale via Ticketmaster applies!
  • Wider corridors – to avoid congestion, we have made the corridors in the exhibition hall wider this year.

We update our measures according to the government’s guidelines so that YOU will feel completely safe when you visit Comic Con and Kistamässan.


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