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The summer is here now with more peace and quiet, which of course means more time for reading! We therefore asked Sci-fi Bokhandeln to share five books to read in the summer, or in the fall, or in the winter. No matter when you want to read them, these are five awesome books that you should definitely read!

Classic sf – Dune


Dune by Frank Herbert is one of the great classic Space Opera novels. Filmed several times and soon there will be another version. A number of noble families rule the galaxy thanks to their access to the substance “spice” extracted on the desert planet Arrakis. When the Arrakis revolt, the entire Galactic Empire is threatened. In other words, this is a must in the sf shelf.

Read more and buy the book here.

Scary - If It Bleeds

if it bleeds

If it bleeds is the latest work by the forever present horror master Stephen King. This is a nerve-racking short story collection with four short novels with a red thread, which may not be what you think. Throw yourself into a scary world full of well-written characters and mysteries that may be beyond a simple explanation.

Read more and buy the book here.

Epic fantasy - Maker’s Curse

makers curse

Maker’s Curse is the fourth part of Trudi Canavan’s epic fantasy series Millennium’s Rule. The story takes place in a world where technology is driven by magic and a terrible disaster threatens. Start with Thief’s Magic, the first part of the series.

Read more and buy the book here.

Critical Role - The Chronicles of Exandria: The Mighty Nein


Few people have missed the cult phenomenon Critical Role. In this brand new and beautifully illustrated art and fact book The Chronicles of Exandria: The Mighty Nein, you get to follow the heroes of the Critical Role through the first half of the second campaign. Here stories and facts are mixed with beautiful pictures.

Read more and buy the book here.

Space for kids - Imperiets arvingar: Bortförda

imperiets arvingar

Bortförda is the first part in Oskar Källner and Karl Johnsson’s youth series Imperiets Arvingar. The book takes off in a mother’s disappearance in Uppsala, but soon the main characters are far out in space. This is a new and exciting science fiction series, filled with fast-paced adventures and dark mysteries. A perfect series for the summer holidays.

Read more and buy the book here.

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