Svenska Fantastikförlaget gives five reading tips



Do you also love to read? Here are five tips from Svenska Fantastikförlaget and the publishers Darkness Publishing, Fantasiförlaget and Undrentide Förlag on things to do while spending more time than usual at home.

Tip 1

Give quality time away. Read online for someone you like but may not have met for a long time. For example, it may be an older relative or a sibling.

Tip 2

Travel to foreign worlds by opening a book. Why not try a new genre you’ve never read before?

Tip 3

From the sofa, you can immerse yourself in how people handle difficult situations. Choose a dystopia or disaster novel.

Tip 4

Do you have trouble passing time? Why not write your own fantasy novel? Mix everything you like and write the novel that you would like to read yourself.

Tip 5

Is it lonely at home? Start a reading circle! Take turns choosing a book and decide a time when you meet online to discuss the book.

Bonus Tip!

Why only live one life? In the world of books, you get the chance to live many different lives.


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