Official poster for Comic Con Stockholm 2020

poster CCS 2020

The poster for Comic Con Stockholm 2020 created by Michaela Stjerndal

For a couple of years we have had a unique poster for Comic Con Stockholm every year. The winner of the poster competition in 2020 is this superb contribution created by Michaela Stjerndal. Michaela will also get a table in our Artist Alley, where you have the opportunity to meet her and buy the art. Here you can check out her Instagram.

We asked Michaela to tell us more about the poster she created for Comic Con Stockholm

The theme of the competition was “Where heroes meet”. The first thing I thought about was the classic fantasy tavern! I wanted to convey the feeling that this is where all the fun happens and different communities meet. The hard thing was fitting it all on a poster. The poster has a slightly stronger element of the “comic” style than usual for me, but I always like to simplify shapes and harmonize colors. You probably see which one is my favorite color!

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