Important info before ticket release February 27

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We change our ticket sales to give you the best possible experience.

As promised, for this year’s event, we will make a number of major changes regarding ticket sales and how we handle the great interest that exists for Comic Con Stockholm. All changes, big and small, are based on the visitors’ best and we really hope that this will lead to everyone being able to have the best possible experience.


  • All tickets for the event will only be available through We will therefore no longer offer ticket sales at the door (however, you will of course still be able to buy a ticket via Ticketmaster’s website provided that there are tickets left).
  • We have limited the number of tickets available per day. This means significantly fewer tickets per day, and if you want to go on Saturday you have to buy your ticket well in advance as this day is always sold out.
  • We will also work hard to make each day unique with more specific content for all days instead of concentrating most of it to Saturday. In other words, there will be many reasons to visit other days than just Saturday or to simply go more than one day.
  • Wider hallways to avoid “bottlenecks” and create more open spaces. This also comes naturally from fewer visitors allowed per day.
    Better signage and communication at the entrance and around our various areas about what applies and what rules exist.
  • A significantly larger area for our Special Guests to handle the queue that may occur. We will also offer pre-sale tickets to a greater extent for timed sessions (autographs and photos), so that you have a specific ticket for a specific time. This is so you both know what time you need to be in place, and know that you are guaranteed their autograph or photo. Tickets for these will still be available for on-site purchases, but only in the number based on what was previously sold.

There is of course more than what is mentioned above that we will develop and work more with, but these are the big direct changes that will happen. And with this we hope, of course, that we will see you again in September for this year’s Comic Con experience!

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